oh,happy day

Mondays aren't really my bag so this is my attempt at throwing snazzy into the mix to beat the blues away. Nothing like a little trip of daytime bliss to remind you how sucktastic corporate American cubicles are. Nothing like some clouds to remind you not to look up at the ceiling with your mouth open...A roach may drop down and give you some unnecessary morning protein. Nothing like a seagull to remind you of the mutant squirrels that sit outside quietly in the bushes waiting to attack. Nothing like fond memories of that glorious Guinness to remind your pathetically sad behind that you have to endure this all sober.

tears of joy. these are tears of joy...


  1. Really? Your dude is wearing a T-shirt, you're at the beach, you're drinking beer and enjoying fresh crabs. Why not just punch me in the face? I had to scrape ice off my car this morning! Ice!

    My arms are angrily folded and I'm pouting.

  2. LOVE the pic's! Im so coming out there some day and will insist on having a tour of cool places by none other than YOu! :)


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