margaret thatcher on a cold day!

someone recently commented on one of my facebook photos and told me at a glance i resemble lil wayne.

let us take a moment to process that heinous observation...

ok now that i've found my self respect living on the streets, pretending to be a sad mime holding a single droopy tulip meant to represent one's joy dying, i can continue.

...lil wayne...really? the guy with the nasty gold teeth, locs and gremlin like face.

dude said i looked like a gremlin.

not good for my ego that's for darn skippy. when it's that time of the month...when i'm feeling bloated, zitty and overall a hot tranny mess of fugly, it's not a good idea to bring up the fact that i look like THE ugliest man on the planet.

i'm the margaret thatcher on a cold day chick basically. i really wish their was a comeback for men in regards to looking broke the hell up. sadly, men can look like ron jeremy and still have a productive and lovely dating life...

i know one thing for sure...i will NEVER complain when someone says i look like julia roberts...accept those compliments. they could be worse...much worse.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! I wouldn't take it personally but who would say such a thing!? And you look like you've got gorgeous opposite of lil wayne!


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