Living in Sin

I swear this year has been all about knocking the kidult out of me and shoving me into the land of big kids. I found Jersey and had to actually admit I had an adult relationship. Then we moved in together and big, HUGE, big kid questions started flooding in like when are ya'll getting hitched and are you thinking of babies and your joint checking accounts...Huh, baking powder? Come again as I delicately file my inner child in my fireproof safe lock box...

I figured it was time that I stopped fighting Father Time and Uncle Maturity and accepted a growing up compromise. Jersey and I would throw a housewarming party, but with our own twist. (And by our I mean me. Jersey accepted his adulthood when he turned five.) I named it a "Living in Sin" party and made sure to  invite people we love to laugh with to ease me us into this new phase of life.


  1. Really cute idea. I'm loving the "Sinful Sangria" =)

  2. Great, now I'm hungry. And thirsty. For the sweet taste of sangria.

  3. looks like a pretty classy party--the name is deceptive. i guess deceit is a sin, so there you go!


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