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i remember when i first moved to los angeles...i hated it. tv had made la out to be this glorious land of perfection...they had hidden the concrete jungles and the trash on the streets. even sunset blvd looked nice and adventurous when julia roberts went strolling for her knight in shining lotus. i gave this city of mine three measly months and then said i'd call it and head on back to middle earth...but then three months didn't seem fair so i said a year...and then i felt ridiculous staying only a year. if i could make it a year, i could go two...then i started to find actual grassy areas...and beaches sans tar and things started looking up.

the city's grown on me. i've been a zombie for awhile. working, working out and writing once home...those w's can be so exhausting! but this week i decided to ignore my school night curfew and go out on a something fun...

buttercup the unicorn
on wednesday night i had the privilege of using my women in film membership to score two free tickets to a special screening of toy story 3. i never had a chance to see it when it was playing at the theaters so i happily jumped on board. i got to skip the seat lottery (that little WIF card is pretty darn cool!)...they gave me cushy leather seats, free popcorn and free sapporo beer for me and my guy. nice. we watched the movie and then got to sit and listen to the director, producer, writer and one of the actors, jeff garlin, do a cool Q&A about the film. it was cool watching jersey geek over how cool it all is...he got to see a fun, somewhat magical side of the industry.

..that kind of night couldn't happen in middle earth i'm afraid. sometimes la can be so surreal...

last night i had the opportunity to go to a book launch event for a newbie writer, vanessa carlisle. at first i thought going to a function like that would be total ego suicide for a struggling writer like myself, BUT at the last minute i realized that it was an opportunity to be in that world...experience it and get a visual so of what my dream could possibly look like. i bought the book a, because it's good karma i think, and b, she read an amazing passage about the hate/love relationship angelenos have with their city (i totally got it.) and i kind of fell in love with her words. get stuff there. i didn't get to stay long, but i did get to eat the most amazing grilled cheese sandwich from the tea place the party was at. it was a frickin' grilled cheese sandwich with gruyere cheese, pear and honey. i just drooled a little bit onto my dress...yeah, it was that good. i also tried a detox concoction. it was tea, lemon, ginger, and other good stuff that when mixed together created party time in my mouth.

grilled heaven

captivated audience

the lovely band cristofani who played in between her readings...

i did both of those oh-so-random things in one one city. crazy, because i know now i really do love this darn place. i have no clue when it happened, but here i am...a girl...standing in front of a skyline made up of palm trees...asking it to love her...back.


  1. Mmm..looks so good! Girl, I know how you feel, I moved straight from highschool to go to college and it was so hard to be in a big city away from all you are used to!

  2. Aw, Rachel I'm so glad you found my blog...because now I've found yours. AND I LOVE IT! lol

  3. So glad you found a love with it
    what a great post
    and that grilled cheese and tea sounds amaaaazing;)
    I'm going to drool:)


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