Chunky or Smooth?

There are a series of questions that run through my head whenever I'm people watching and spot someone interesting:  What peanut butter do they like better--chunky or smooth? What little things in life make them happy and when did they first feel adult-like.

I definitely have adult-like tendencies...(I catch myself drooling a bit whenever I see an ad for an awesome washer and dryer set. I love me some HGTV and dream of a bedroom with a reading nook.) BUT, I am still, without a doubt, a kidult. I ask questions like I'm three. I giggle and stare inappropriately at cool looking things and I still say things like, "When I grow up I'm going to..."

Yesterday I had a grown up moment that felt really good, though. The LA Times is trying to hustle Jersey and I into buying a subscription so they've been giving us free Sunday papers. I sat still for over an hour reading page after page of yummy journalism. It felt good. My fingertips were smudged with black and my brain was filled with new word combinations, new ideas, new inspirations.

A light bulb went off after reading a quote on writing by Steve Lopez:

"They knew the places they wrote about, and that was part of it. But only years later would I learn their real secret: They knew who they were, and they knew why they wrote."

Dang it all to Louise if that didn't ring a ding ding all the way home. I can't wait for that moment where I finally ask the real questions I should have been asking myself long ago. (After all, peanut butter preferences are the beginning steps to really learning about a person's character.) Maybe then I'll know why words and thoughts keep billowing out of my brain, demanding to be documented.

I submitted my book to a friend who edits. I have decided no longer to refer to her by name when we speak. I start all email correspondences with "Dear Editor" because it just sounds groovy. I have taken another new step towards getting my book published. I'm paying for her services and everything!

Officially on my way to that whole learning who you are stuff and figuring out why a book decided to find me...


  1. Wheeee! I can boss your book around!

    -Your Editor.


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