cardboard house beat down


b and i take little afternoon trips to the coffee shop every once in a blue moon if work is getting to be a little too work-like. the other day we were walking when we both noticed this crazy man across the street. he was sitting there, shaking his head violently while his eyes rolled back in his head.

without missing a beat we both said uhhh nope and crossed the street to avoid a possible beat down of epic proportions. have you ever been attacked by a crazy person? i haven't, but i've SEEN it happen and all the cars passing by watching this dude get knocked over by a homeless man was disturbing as heck.

this got me thinking of jersey of course (crazy talk usually does...)

basically... the boy be LOONY. how he be crazy, you ask? wellst...we like to walk around our neighborhood. our area of los angeles is meant for it and the weather's always lovely so we try to make a habit of it but i swear 90% of the time i regret the decision...with nice weather comes the homeless community. (please stop reading now if you're heart is sensitive cuz i'm about to share the inappropriate.) ...and with the homeless community comes jersey's crazy deranged self.

normal folk will become scared, possibly look down, do anything but acknowledge the homeless person sprawled out in front of the starbucks or chillin' in front of your door step...not jersey!!! nooo... jersey has to one-up the poor bloke with craziness. he's fond of starting to hit himself in the chest and grunting to himself. sometimes he'll's quite unnerving considering i can't determine if he's got a secret stash of for realz crazy, if he's just the most heartless insensitive meanie ever to walk the face of santa monica, or he's a gentleman who really has a hard time expressing the fact that some dude or dudette really scares the living shit out of him.

nonetheless, i always catch myself wanting to beat the living pee out of him when he does this. (i've seriously met my match when it comes to embarrassing your loved ones in public.)


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