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lately i've been feasting upon blogs because my nosy rosy factor is off the charts and that's where the truly nosy can go and be free without ridicule from the general public (and violated ones).

i notice that fashionista bloggers LOVE to tell readers what's in their closet, what's in their bag, what's in their laced "vitamins". i kid! i kid! any who i thought i'd take a little girly stroll down feminine lane and share what a goof/non-prissy girl/plain jane chickaroo puts in her bag and why. i have to say it was fun. passed the time, that's for sure...

1. the bag. what can i say about the bag? well it's super duper heavy on most days. i sometimes feel like i should be luggin' around two small children. a bag should never be that heavy unless wipes and diapers are in the mix. my shoulder cries negro spirituals...held down by the bag. mmm, mmm, MMM!
2. my keys, complete with library card-a bookworm's black american express card. have you ever noticed no one ever displays their keys? maybe it's because they don't rep their toyotas quite as hard as i do. (shout out to the flying tomato!!!) maybe they have personal drivers. must be frickin nice...
3. i'm a lip gloss hoochie mama. can't ever have enough. lately i haven't been in the mood for heavy duty makeup so i've been keeping the nudes handy. usually i'm not a fan of mac makeup, but this is seriously the only gloss that doesn't look 80s hot pink on can ask b, my lips have the weirdest color issues.
4. yes even non-prissy people wear jewelry thank you very much. i tend to go to the gym directly after work so i end up shoving my goods in my purse's side pocket. this actually comes in handy on days i'm scatterbrained and don't leave the house with makes it look like i'm one of those fashion savvy girls that always prepares. bling is important for a wanna be pimp like myself. ps: i'm still waiting on that PINKY RANG!

5. my green sunglasses! i love it when people question my luv of green. "you don't wear that much green. what gives?" then i start whipping out all my green ish and they hush their dang mouths. MWAHAHA! these glasses are special because i bought them to celebrate my lasik eye surgery. i went in trying to buy some hipster-like shades and the dude working at the store about had a hissy fit. in so many words he told me not to be a lemming. so i decided not to be a lemming. instead i'm now a bug...with a green thing between my eyeballs.
6. my glorious wallet... my original holder of plastic was stolen last year at a baseball game i attended at dodger stadium. i have to point out the stadium because that's the hoodlum stadium...that's where green wallet thieves go to get their shits and giggles off. i didn't sport a wallet for months because i was mourning my beloved gift, but then this kenneth cole piece of heaven came along and whispered to me "buy me goddess of taste". so i did.
7. lotion for my ashy hands. sephora. guava passion fruit. smells so good you want to eat it, but don't. you'll have the runs for days. don't ask me how i know this.
8. stain slammers RULE! i'm kind of messy. i drink coffee. i wear white occasionally. the end.
9. a woman should ALWAYS be prepared :) hee hee. have you ever noticed women never show their unmentionables? now folks know i'm the gal to go to when aunt flow calls. stay fresh...always.
10. i keep legal, over the counter drugs in my purse in order to feel like a semi-bad ass. i'm that much closer to being a neurotic pill-popping american. not really...the real reason? people at work give me headaches. that bottle is my savior.
11. O.J. the ipod (or Oscar Junior if you're new to the group) is my work salvation. there are two things that get pulled out of the bag when i first get to work each day. the cell phone and O.J.  i plugged that bad boy in yesterday and let paula abdul's "rush, rush" play four times before allowing him to move on to the next jam. i know my neighbors enjoy O.J. just as much as me. :)


  1. love posts like these thanks for sharing xx

  2. i actually enjoyed writing this one :) thanks for coming by!

  3. If I haven't told you lately.. You crack me up! :)


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