6 degrees before i take it in the tookus


living in los angeles you're bound to befriend someone in the industry. i've met set designers, actors, directors...famous and not so famous, but they still somehow all manage to maintain the same factor...not one of them has been able to push me into acting. yeah, i know when i first moved out here i had little naive stars of modesty in my eyes and a swore i'd make it on my own. i wouldn't do reality tv. i wouldn't allow someone to help. i'd make it onto a spielberg set ON MY OWN!...yeah that lasted about 2 years and then ramon noodles started tasting funny.

now i'm smart. i know it's all about the homies in high places. don't you judge me!!! i ditched the moral high grounds of "i'll make it on my own...with talent and persistence i can do this!" and replaced that strawberry shortcake mentality with "it's who you know, dude, so suck it!" ha! ha! nooo, not suck it like THAT you naughty minx. suck it like push that wuss inner chump down and take her lunch money. tough luv...

wellllst...i know this one fella, who is currently one of a couple producers making a very awesome film starring this crazy good cast of real honest to goodness famous and legit actors. my jaw hit the floor when he started listing the names...

if you search for rampart on imdb.com you'll see what i mean.

the guy says he's looking for a small role for me in it. if that happens i might just implode. i want to see if 6 degrees really can get a gal on to a set. i'll be waitress #2! heck, i'll be waitress #13!!! there are no small parts, only small actors.

doesn't it just seem like my life is really cool and i'm totally living the hollywood dream? i'm kind of really just hanging on by one small last bit of magical sanity thread. (we're friends. i can totally share my business.)  i'm one day away from agreeing to play halle berry's character in monster's ball. yes, one day away from bending over for Billy Bob...tinsel hurts i'm afraid.


  1. But slutbutts are so much more fun.

    Just kidding. I hope you get the part. I'd totally go see your movie and scream in the movie theater when you appeared on screen and I'd be all "I know her! I know her y'all!" And the other people in the theater would hate me.


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