what your friends never told you about living with a sig...

...they rob you of your unique weirdness.

i've never been ordinary...

never been, what you'd call normal and i dug that about me. i'm known amongst my those in my special circle of trust for keeping people on their toes. i'm 5 feet and10 inches of ginormous kid. i question everything. i goof up whatever i can get my hands on. this makes life fun in my opinion...

when you move in with someone though, routine finds its sneaky little beastly way in. it creeps and crawls and before you know it, you stop hearing "you're weird". you stop seeing the surprised look on your significant other's face when you do that one weird thing that used to make his/her jaw drop. i miss the jaw drop. i like keeping him on his toes...improves my chances of feeling small and petite.

do you remember that one scene in garden state when natalie portman's character stands up and does this weird wiggle dance while making weird mumble sounds? well that's me. i'm the kind of person that has resorted to desperate measures. i strive to do something freshly weird. i'm running out of material.

i never thought labels suited me until i started writing this post...then i figured out i'm a label whore and then some. i like weird, goofy, zany, carefree...those labels make me smile coyly and queef a little.


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