trust fund kid

when i was 18 i inherited a GRIP of a grip. like you hold it in your hands and it's so many dolla bills you look like a member of one of those japanese sticky money competitions. i digress. let's just say it's more money than an 18 year old should legally be allowed to have...i sooo didn't appreciate the ish like i should have. i mean i might as well have wiped my arse with it, the way i treated my darling green stuff. yeah, yeah i paid for college and what i thought to be a practical car, but i also got to shop for whatever i wanted whenever...

i once bought a $478 leather backpack cuz i needed something new for my books on campus...

i bought a jcrew coat cuz it was cute. who buys a dang coat for the heck of it?! trust fund kid!

whoever said mo money, mo problems probably got bumped one too many times in their wonky eyeball. green stuff is nice. it just sits there and it allows you to trade it in for stuff and it doesn't even whine or kick or cry that it's leaving your wallet. so the money. luuuuuv the money!

mo money, mo problems... ha! i laugh at the wonky-eyed rapper! i was happy and then some traveling and visiting friends, not worrying about how i'd pay for a semester of college, and i was definitely happy having the freedom to work jobs i liked and didn't need. what a concept...this is the moment i'm realizing i'm moving backwards in life. my face sort of looks like someone popped my balloon.

i want to reach back into time and pull my former self's hair really hard. maybe kick her in the arse. totally jealous of her stank behind for not realizing how unbeliavably lucky she was EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. especially now since i can't even afford halloween this year. how expensive could it be to dress up as a sweet potato?! anything more than free is too much for me, i'm afraid.

as christmas bills pile up into pyramid fashion and shout out cheers (you broke! yeah, broke!) money slips out of my hands i'll remember the good ole days and how awesome money is. money didn't bring me more problems. money brought me trips and peace of mind and a degree...shoo. lack of money brought me holey socks (and i'm not talking about the ones blessed by the big Guy upstairs).

anyone feel like donating to the tish needs someone to throw her a bone cause? second time's a tiffany's charm :)


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