oprah, you are the wind beneath my wings


i had a dream that my fit bottomed girl's trip to chi town was a farce. instead my brilliant best friend, j, had figured out a way to get me to the land of oprah by telling me i had to go to a nike summit. (i, in fact, will be on my way to chicago via plane to go to the actual nike summit as you read this.)

cruel dream.

in the dream...i heard oprah do the famous name call and i broke out into tears. i can still remember what her hug felt like. she smelled of some beautiful sandalwood smell, too. that dream was so beautiful. i almost cried when my alarm woke me up and took me away from the one i obsess and stalk over legally.  

meeting oprah...well that, my friends, would be the quintessential "god, please throw me a bone" wish.

i really do luv that woman. i'll think of her while i'm checking out nike's latest and greatest. be on the lookout for an fbg post on that...i write that but i'm seriously still partially (just a little bit) hanging on to the dream...


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