nike adventures in chicago


 "non domenticar" is playing on my ipod as i sit in a beautiful hotel room in chicago writing in my journal and unpacking my meager little suitcase i brought for this weekend event.

last week nike asked the fit bottom girls if they'd like to come out and view the spring running collection. it's fabulous so far. ( i've gotten a small taste of nike's newest toys already.) they had a goody bag, chock-a-block full of stuff i'm supposed to wear for events they're holding tomorrow and sunday. the sneaky beast in me won't mention what i get to play in... the fit bottomed girls have taught me well.

all i can say right now is i sooo needed this weekend. i needed a beautiful hotel with textured flower carpet that my feet snuggle into...i needed a zebra robe,  the chicago view i'm looking at, and i definitely needed a weekend of indulgence followed by a kick ass workout so that i won't fly home with any guilt. (the nike goddess used to chill in the sky, rewarding those in battle with flames and other stuff. basically, these nike folks know how to treat their friends.)

"we're gonna make our dreams come true, doing it our way!" is now blasting out of oscar junior. "i'm gonna make it!" coincidence? i think not.

while i may be fiscally challenged at the current moment...while i may not be able to do a grip of things due to those challenges i still manage to live a semi-charmed life. i love writing for the's opened a whole other world up for me...a world where i feel empowered and when you're a crazy spasmatic girl trying to find her way in the world you need a healthy dose of that to keep you from knocking your mother truckin' head against the mother truckin' wall.

this is where i sat for an hour thinking oprah's people would come through the door and yell "surprise!"

kind of obsessed with these chandeliers

i wanted to take the bed home in my suitcase

my writing area. impressive nook for sure

p is for POOP! and PEE! and PERFECTION! and palomar hotel i guess


man, was today a blast! while we're jam packed with media briefings and product testing stuff, we're doing something fun AND being rewarded with kick ass hotel rooms, DELISH food and cool media folks who are more than willing to shop talk and lend a helping hand. it's basically heaven for writers...triple heaven with a kiwi on top for fitness writers!

i had the chance to try out a pair of nike kicks. i ran along the lakefront and people watched as i passed many different kinds of faces were on that path...smiling; brows laced with determined sweat. it was so dope to see people out and about on a saturday afternoon. i kind of fell in love with the people of chicago today. i'm not gonna lie.

the style here...the warmth...the elegance...the friends meeting up for dinner at the fabulous restaurants. it was a sliver of loveliness to behold. everything made me squeal. i want to just sit on grand avenue, pen and paper in hand and write about the people i see. these are the kinds of people who could start amazing novels... "jacob's pace quickened the moment the riverfront musician's harmonica blew..."

fat boy pie...i didn't come up for air

these are nikes...that's fashionista-athlete yo!

cool nike peeps discussing how to propose the gangsta way


an elegant oink

yes our meals were this fancy schmancy

each sea monster was cooked individually to preserve its integrity...

ahhh! my food can see me! i hugged it shortly after this

drinks back at the hotel bar. the two virgin drankers had tasty drinks actually. "a toast to life"


had to be up at 5:30 am in order to dress, wipe the funk from my face, and grab breakfast in the palomar's kitchen. nike insists they'll leave our turtle legs behind if we're not on the bus at's chicago marathon day! 10.10.10...there are a LOT of folks in town itching to get married today. you can't walk out onto the streets without bumping into a squealing bride.  patterns are cool...and apparently romantic.

there's always a price one has to pay for that much perfection...


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