a lover's gaze


me: (i look at jersey lovingly...wine glass in hand, about to speak when cut off by jersey)

jersey: what? did you fart?

me: NO! i was about to tell you i love you fool!

jersey: well that was the face you shoot me when i'm supposed to figure out you've just farted.

who says romance is dead...

i've decided adoration for the great luvs in your life never really dies. you just start to adore different things...

while you may adore your beloved's hair or the way they flub a certain word, those things lose their shininess and you move on to other bright characteristics...at least i do. call it A.D.D LUV.

like for instance, i personally adore the crap out of my guy's ability to walk out of a bathroom and tell me proudly he's destroyed that room. i find his assessments concerning my cleanliness hilarious (i've never met anyone that can out clean me!) i think his folding abilities should alone put him in the running for saintliest boy toy.

i will admit though, i still have a thing for his magical hair. it defies gravity that asian hair of his...and i've always dug it. that will probably never get old...there's nothing like a grown ass man trying to be serious with you in the morning...you're trying your hardest to take him seriously and keep looking him in the eye, but the dennis the menace callic yearns for my cooing.

just so my cynical lovey dovey friends don't die from throwing up in their mouth too much i will point out that adoration doesn't crowd out the annoyances...there are a couple of things that make my ass twitch so hard it looks like i'm break dancing back there:  he can bring up exes with the quickness...

me: man i love the great outdoors! smelling the fresh air...

jersey: my ex breathed air.

me: (slowly pulls out knife to shank him in the belly button)

he thinks it's perfectly normal that we don't have an anniversary date, too. yep, that's right...i have no idea what to tell you if you ask me how long we've been dating. we were friends for a really long time...then we casually dated without sans title for a really long time and then we kinda gradually fell in to titles...i'd like to think he did this so that our love will seem eternal, but deep down i know he pulled that ish so that he doesn't have to buy another gift or go away on some trip of my choice. (what were those things that made me adore him again?!)

i kid! i kid! he's cool. his positive attributes far out weigh the ass twitch-causing tendencies. (where's my knife, again?)

one day i will value other abilities but for now i swoon when he tells me he's put lemons down the garbage disposal (cleans garbage disposal and makes it smell nice and fresh in your kitchen)...love it when that boy talks dirty.


  1. Haha! I love stumbling on an oldie but a goodie. This one is just oooozing with Tishy love. So sweet :)


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