it's rainin' rejection!

literary laziness makes my butt twitch...these bloody wankers (aka literary agents) and the silence they bring to my life have reduced me to a pile of pathetic pooh. i now do dispicable things like stalk the mail best believe i threaten them with wedgies if they don't hand me over a letter with some good news. i suppose that's why they come at different times in the day now. (they've learned my work schedule...those sneaky bastards!)
the other day i received two lazy letters. the first--ole boy didn't even have the energy to use his own damn paper. he took the agent inquiry letter me, myself, and i wrote and scribbled a quick "not the right project for me, sorry." at the top.  what the $@#! is that $#@*% ?!?!!?

the second letter was a small cut out piece of paper. you can tell they printed the same statement out and then took a paper cutter to it....10 little powerful strips--able to shred someone's hopes in a single read.

so far i've received 34 rejections and 3 wrong addresses...i realize that's not a whole lot considering some very awesome writers were rejected 50 or so times before they hit the agent/publisher jackpot, but it still hurts. i still feel like the stinky girl standing by herself on the playground while everyone else chucked balls at her.

writing a book and seeking represenation is just as hard and taxing as acting i've decided. you're still always waiting for that special magician to scoop you up off of the streets of mediocrity and swoosh you switftly to the land of "ya done good pig."

patience is still a virtue i've heard...still trying that crap out, hoping that someone finds me interesting enough to pick up a damn phone and call. "tish i'd LOVE to read your manuscript! i'd love to pimp you out like a trick with a magical hoo hoo! can you sign today? will you accept this advance to help you finish tweaking your baby?"

i'll keep writing, hoping and dreaming and pray that those three "ings" aren't the only ones i achieve in this lifetime. (writing, publishing, cherishing, buying (a house), being, living) all of those can happen, too. i'd be fine with that...

creative recycling...


  1. Girl, you're a nut. I love it.

  2. i'm so inspired by your tenacity.
    have you sent the book to any author-friends to read for feedback?

  3. a couple of months ago i posted some exerpts on my blog for feedback. it was good. i don't have many author friends now that i think about it lol.

    do you?!


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