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let's get one thing straight. for a very short period of my life i did in fact, live in a neighborhood that was vandalized by gang members. they were more like the gang members from the book white boy shuffle (read: psycho loco, the bow and arrow gangsta) BUT gang members, nonetheless.

the day they threw up some graffiti on a fence near our home my mom was done. (too much 20/20) she promptly removed my k swiss from my feet and moved us away from tejas...to liberty, missouri...the whitest white town in the whole wide world. it was here that i developed an uncanny infatuation with being gangster...maybe i overhead a nice little old lady saying "oh my gosh she's brown. she must be a gangster" or i unconsciously loved watching my mom's fear play out in public...i don't know. what i DO know is i started throwing up west sides at a tender sweet age.

now i keep it gangsta everywhere i go...even my place of employment. i like to end important emails to VPs and directors with "word to your mother". it's empowering.

have you ever wondered where your weirdness comes from? when did you turn? was it that one time when that one weird particle that you inhaled at that moment that one weird person was saying something weird shot up your nose and lodged itself in your brain? well, i do. (and that was totally a misplaced modifier...but i'm leaving it cuz it makes me giggle.)


  1. I'm not really sure where my weirdness came from. Best guess: I think it's because I grew up a repressed Catholic.

    I am Fickle Cattle.

  2. Please tell me you aren't talking about the Gangsters in Ctown?

  3. now you know she was serious about gangsters in ctown! lol

  4. fickle cattle, thanks for the link. i'll read your stuff :)


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