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mmmm....tishy got in trouble. tishy got scolded for using four letter fun words.

some of you loyal citizens of zamunda (aka blog readers) may have noticed my crassness coming out more and more. no i didn't stop taking my nice pills...i just happened to get blogger access at work which means now i can cuss to the high heavens cuz i don't have my annoying work filter telling me i can't send words like twat, balls, shit and paris hilton. yeah...you KNOW you're cool when you're name gets censored from corporate america! (ummm...you said tish...i'm telling...)

while i know foul mouths tend to bring the hand of vengeance pimp slapping down upon their heads, i still manage to get out an expletive. i don't feel like i'm losing i.q. points when dropping eff bombs. i belong to a group on facebook called "intelligent, classy, well-educated women who say f*ck". if it's on facebook it's totally cool man...and besides i think it's totally dumb and double standard-ish that boys get to have all the fun without the shuns & gasps.

i don't see myself curbing the motor mouth all that much BUT i know i'll think twice and choose my curse words carefully and creatively : ) ten times more fun to read any who! (don't beat me e!)


  1. so many! you wouldn't believe the amount of scolding my potty mouth has attracted as of recent.

    i can't be muzzled! i can't be censored! but...i can make sure to choose my awesome words for certain times so they never lose their newby shine.

  2. Seriously?!?! What kind of fucking crazy-ass world do we live in where people can't blab their shit-talking mouths on their own blogs in whatever way damn well suits them best? Stupid, narrow-minded twats.
    You're not trying to paint yourself as a saint or Bastian of morality: you're being YOU. Ain't nothing wrong with that shit.
    Now I want to go on a curse-laden rant on my own blog just to join your 'foulness.' ;)


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