the weekend consisted of seeing a play at the note in downtown "hollywoodya get a room". saturday was a crazy day of fitness with my new rachel mcadams doppelganger bud followed by random fun. sunday was all about writing homework, groceries and worshipping that hunk-of-burning love of mine, jersey.

THE big humdinger occurred on saturday evening, though. in riddler fashion, it involved neil patrick harris, a chanel bag, a missing starlet, and a guido with hair that looked like pepe le pew had styled it. i participated in a scavenger hunt!!! (i so get cool points for that...)

so doogie pretty much rocked my world as a kid...

he would hit those keys with the quickness...the first blogger now that i think about it...and my little prepubescent heart would thump harder. he was seriously one of the main reasons i took up journaling as a kid. i just new my IQ would go up a notch somehow...

now that he's older, and eats at jinky's, and sings, and is still cute as a button, and was in that harold and kumar flick; i worship him on a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL.

my worship-ness just reached new important levels because i've now experienced neil patrick harris stuff. stuff being this scavenger hunt he set up called accomplice.

jersey and i have some really dope arse friends who happened to have two extra tickets. with only minutes to spare we were asked to join them on a journey of wit...a journey of reading fast...a journey of beer...a journey of friendship laced with unicorn remnants.we accepted the challenge and before we knew it we were swept up in the most hilarious hunt i've ever done. ok, so that was the only hunt i've ever done. let us not focus on the minuscule.

if you've got a need for speed, i suggest you watch top gun or she-ra. if you have a need to do something totally random, different and fun then i say scavenge and hunt. we met some really nifty people and trained our brains to jedi mind trick people into giving us the answers to life. i was so impressed. not only was i impressed, but i was in fabulous people heaven! there were four of us and then 5 scrumptiously fierce strangers who quickly became our favorite peeps. i knew i loved them when a clue person asked who in our group liked to be tied up and one of our new guys yelled "matt does! where's matt?" i luv people who say inappropriate things at the appropriate moment.

not bad for a saturday evening...

thanks to L dawgs for the adventure!!! one day we shall reward you with pennies, pocket lint and free boot camp classes.


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