weird wimp wigging out


kidult update: relationships are all about compromise. jersey loves ghost crap. he lives for that horrific ish. i personally freak the eff out...nothing's too cheesy for me. i will scream. i will jump. i will sleep with one eye open, head underneath the covers for months and months.

i start to feel bad, though. i mean he watches every frickin' movie i suggest, but when it comes to his movie choices, all he gets is an emphatic HELL NAW! so i compromised.

 i told him i'd watch the haunting in connecticut with him during the day...a compromise, right? WRONG! i still freaked out. i'm still jumpy and not right. i think i have to find a movie bud for this guy...someone has to take my place in this department. i will not get jealous. promise.

when something traumatic happens to me i try to document the process...i've never laughed so hard at myself before. too bad that isn't therapy. i'd much love to be cured of my scaredy pants syndrome.


  1. That was hilarious. It looked like watching that movie was hurting you.

  2. But, Tish, if you don't watch the violence you'll never become desensitized to it.

    Also, FYI, girly squealing freak-outs affect even those of us who love horror movies *points to self*


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