true blood i see it

d and i have these little get togethers where we watch flicks and cook...lately we've done more watching than cooking, but we had to go out with a bang for the true blood season finale. that's what this post is really about... my awesome guy bud d and all the goofiness and good he pulls out of my stinky behind. i have to whine and plead with the dude, but if i'm stubborn enough i win and the goofy pictures and times can commence. i luv the people who take me away from the whackness of work. they remind me there's a whole NUTHA level of world out there just waiting to be enjoyed.

the beginning...d is still shy "you're starting the camera thing now?!"

i heart pickles. snookie ain't got nothin' on me!

we've shopped. we're ready to begin!

pizza...d said it was "too healthy" (aka had vegetables in it) hmph. we'll work on that. i made sure to talk with my julia child's accent...well part julia, part yoda. "pizza is good, i say."

geeking over the true blood we're about to devour

garlic powder?! nooooo keep it away from the fangers!

as soon as d knew i wasn't gonna give in he started to play

i bite! your silly foil cross does you no good!

as for the was sooo anti-climatic. people were making such a hoopla and it was just whatever. our photo shoot was ten times more fun than that ish. all i have to say is sookie, you're on the weirdest pms trip i've ever seen. in fact, all the girls are stupid and i'm tired of them all freaking out and soothing their wounded necks with boink fests. they get hot and bothered with the first dude that walks thru the door. they wipe their tears away and get busy. i swear it's like they're all bonobo monkeys. stop humping! give mama some good cliff hangers! bring back the drama that results in me choking on my gasps. pretty please with blood on top.  


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