tales of nincompoopary

oh how glorious it was to visit middle earth with my main squeeze! it was a short weekend for sure...maybe too short, but we jam packed that ish chock-a-block full of adventures.


we landed in kansas city and had just enough time to pick up some delishy planet sub sandwiches (drool is pooling just thinking about that ish!) before meeting up with a group of buds for a royal's caravan extravaganza to the stadium. jersey was hating like whoa on the royals, but after he figured out royals' games are much more than dudes playing ball in a diamond he shushed the yankees smack talk and enjoyed america's greatest past time...our way. (i.e. beers, frozen blue margaritas, hot dogs and crazy conversations involving vaginal dentata and other curiosities.)

after the game the crew met back up in j and perfect husband's neighborhood for some drinks at a nearby bar. we ate yummy food. we partook in drinking yummy beers and had a good ole time catching up. my freshmen year college roomie who i lovingly refer to as the princess of darkness (pod for short) came out to visit. jersey dug her quirky loveliness. she's refreshingly original, which jersey was digging. (like i'd have whack friends!)


j, perfect husband, jersey and i decided we should all work out together so we headed to a park sunday morning and let jersey go to town on our bloated beer bellies. (not cool.) we worked out for an hour, but the skies were clear and the breeze was perfect so it was only partially a hellacious experience.

after our workout, we headed to my grandma's house so she could meet the fella i've been talking about for many, many moons. it was an emotional experience for me. my great grandmother, frail and delicate, called for mark to come to her bed. she told him she could tell he was a great man and made me promise i'd hold on to him. seeing her hug jersey and say such sweet words brought tears to my eyes. i'll never forget that moment in time...
we ate gourmet ice cream from glace (french lavender ice cream? are you kidding me?!) on the nelson art museum lawn and played with my parents in the new addition to the museum. great local art AND my fam bam? it don't get no betta. my parents are beyond cute and super duper sweet for driving three hours just to see us for a couple hours...i love those two.

later the four of us went out for a very nice meal at a swanky restaurant called pierpont's. we feasted on spectacular food and laughed over two bottles of good wine. the best part of the evening was when j and i went to the ladies room and she finally got a chance to tell me what she thought of the guy. that was a touching conversation that i will always hold in my heart. seeing him sitting with perfect husband when we returned made my heart warm even more. (possibly the wine???)everything works out in the end...funny how we never believe that until it happens.


ROCK CHALK! the guy HAD to get a ku campus tour. he got to see all my old stomping grounds, including daisy hill...a monstrous hill that almost killed me the first time i met j's husband. never run down a hill full speed after ingesting chocolate energy (aka caramel and chocolate easter eggs). we ate at milton's and got some ku gear...does anyone else feel like they're right back in school when they visit their alma mater? i swear i was 18 all over again...

familiar foods, local hangouts...i shoved a bunch of my life and the life of my city in jersey's lap in two days. it was crazy and exhausting for sure, but i am so thankful we had the opportunity to go...

life with him doesn't get much better...


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