i definitely was an eddie murphy kid...

while my momma is the whitest white girl on the face of this earth she still has sista girl tendencies that leave many confused if i'm telling stories and purposely leaving out what race she is. (it's fun to bewilder!)

you see, my momma gave me "looks" growing up. looks that froze me in my tracks and sent shivers down my spine. i did not, under any circumstances, throw tantrums nor did i EVER question that woman's say with a stupid "why?". oh heeeeeelll naw!

she named me latisha che'nelle merritt. need i say more?

she made me perform skits for her and her friends growing up. imagine eddie murphy raw now. that was me! (complete with awkward face and weird laugh.)

if it wasn't the mary catherine "superstar!!!" pleas for encores, it was some other character. for years i had to endure the armpit sniffs. then one day i got smart and came up with my own material. you only think the pooh stuff is a schtick that i developed in kidult-hood, but that ish has been a staple routine for many moons.

my favorite pooh skit was called "formation of the pooh". it involved me turning into a piece of pooh and going thru the intestines...i would squeeze and groan until finally i was slipping out of the butthole onto the ground. this last part was beautiful and brilliant. i would then splat onto the ground and spread my limbs...a noble attempt at conveying pooh freedom in the bowl.

it was beautiful. my opus if you will....

the hardship of living with the kind of momma who yells, "do it again!" definitely shaped the kidult i have become.


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