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my kid sis knows i'm a skin product whore.

since i was in 6th grade i've rocked a green/blue/black clay mask...does it do ish for my skin? i don't know. i still grow planets on my grill from time to time, but it makes me feel like i'm spoiling myself in some tiny way. (i'm too cheap for manis and pedis.) that's enough for me. we must always remember to spoil ourselves...and in my case do it cheaply.

so back to the kid sis. she's currently chillaxin' in s. korea with her hubster. she's over there teaching, learning and soaking up korean culture. i live vicariously through her cuz she's swell. she rewarded me for this by sending facial goodies.

love the product labels! there's a rice mask that reads, "food therapy special food for the skin to eat. contains lots of nutritive and energetic ingredients such as fresh plants, fruits and etc. to maintain our bodies heatlhy and lively." (hee hee)

the carott toner is even more cute & grammatically awkward. a toner that is formulated without the 7 ingredients for the health of your skin (damn! i really wanted those too!...or maybe not. the 7 ingredients missing consist of dyes and alcohol. they fooled me into thinking they jacked up! doh!)

sis gets 100 points for catering to my weird little primping ways. 50 points for the cute packaging. (i'm an ethnocentric asshole, what can i say?) and she loses 10 damn points for the skin whitening cream she sent as a har har old school family joke. do i look like michael jackson?!

don't answer that.


  1. oh.... I had a good one... Moving on... he he


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