jimmy boos and diva downers

i took a vow of social media silence a week or so ago and instead, focused on reading and listening to everything else people were saying about the world at large.

honestly (quite frankly) i read a lot of bull sheet. a lot of negative pretentious crap. i don't know why pretentious is the new black, but it is. i saw it in blogs of supposed note. i saw it in the times dawwwling (duh, it's fashion week mania) and i saw it all over twitter, facebook and google buzz updates like whoa.

ny times dawwwling...everyone wants to know who was special enough to sit in the front row. who the freak cares?! i mean, i remember the intense competitive nature i used to exhibit when playing musical chairs, but i'm a big girl now. (i realize now you won't implode if you don't get one...obviously the who's who of the fashion world never got the memo. seriously though, do people learn in fashion school that they must lose all humble sensibilities when entering the world of starved hangers and designers clad all in black? can't it really, REALLY just.BE.ABOUT.THE.FASHION? i can admit i enjoy looking at pretty. pretty is my escape from the ugly. (so deep) fashion is art...i eat up visual stuff with an odd vengeance, but i twitch when in the presence of pretentious twats. that elitist and self important boo crap is boo boo. caca in gucci. 

fashion snobbery is a boil on the butt of humanity.

i'm exhausted and disgusted...i've been trying to read my vogue september issue, but i can't get passed the first article.

...small doses i suppose.

i wonder though...can anyone like something without turning into a clone of the others who like the same thing? can't you like something and not submit to type?


  1. Took the thoughts right out my brain.



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