jersey takes on the puny


jersey has been training me for four weeks now. i was dumb and complained to the one person you should never complain to...a trainer. i told him i wanted tina turner legs. i begged for guns and a fit badunkadunk. ask and you shall receive pain!!!

 it's been interesting...while jersey hasn't killed me yet, i wouldn't be surprised if he snapped soon. i tend to whine...a lot. i throw my body onto the gym floor. with my last breaths i'll sometimes ask him what i ever did to deserve such torture. i wonder during exhausting reps if i kicked him in his piss pump in my's legal domestic abuse if you ask me. my calves moo!

i catch myself whining at night about my thunder thighs and so forth and i see his eyebrow lift...i can't control my stinkin' good for nuthin' mouth! it's gotten me in trouble once again. i have two more weeks until i find out how much my body has muscled up.

he'll be hosting boot camps for my fit bottomed girl peeps starting in october so this is the test. if he can put up with my mouth, laziness and utter puniness, then he'll be fine with a huge group of ladies who are trying boot camp for the first time. : ) good luck jersey...


  1. Newsflash: You do NOT have thunder-thighs. Hush that nonsense.

  2. thighs will strike you down the next time we hang twinkie. can't a gal dream of having legs like a dancer, complete with that line up the side of the leg?

    can't u just let me dream?

  3. Newsflash: I'm trying to tell you that your legs are already fab. Don't let California warp your senses.

    Newsflash: I'm saying "newsflash" too much.

  4. The line on the side of the leg is MY dream... BUT thanks for the warning I will never mention in front of jersey... Unless he has come up with a way for that to happen through diet and mind control... lol


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