jersey goes to middle earth

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh snap!

the guy has met the fam bam. i've met his fam bam, but (and this is a very large kim kardashian but) he has not met THE best friend. not yet anyways and that's HUGE considering she pretty much rocks my world from thousands of miles away and has been my bestie soul mate since the ripe old age of 14. to keep it kiwi tart and to the point: the girl be important, ya'll...

so we booked some flights and saturday morning we shall journey to middle earth in order to gain the most important approval necessary for a man of jersey's stature. lol...i really enjoy building it up like this, can you tell?

we've procured all of the necessary items to complete such a journey. we've got the ring that must be thrown into a pit of fire...we're hip on all our our tornado repellent in the suitcase. we're golden. we're goooooood.

it'll be a short little trip but bestie boo boo boo boo boo is a planner and then some. we're hitting up a baseball game, meeting some fam bam for bbq, infusing some vodka, watching a flick down in the power and light district...oh yeah!

i shall return a happy, but most-tired companion.

i kid a lot, but i couldn't be more happy about my two favorite worlds meeting FINALLY. these two folks mean the absolute world to me and know me better than anyone. their meeting could be on the level of martin luther king getting chummy with malcolm x...this is world peace, a meeting of minds, "all is right with the world" ish.

do you remember the first time your sweetie met your most important person for the first time? makes your heart kind of expand and glow a little, right?

= totally wicked!!!


  1. Ummmmm... No actually my heart did not grow or glow at all... We were all drunk in Vegas... It's a tad fuzzy actually... :P


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