i'm with him...

i love the jersey feedback i've received ever since i first showed his grill on this darn blog.  i had to stop counting how many times someone has sent me an email saying "hey tish. i have that piece of paper you left at my house three years ago....by the way your boyfriend is hot." this leads me to believe that all my other exes were toe up from the floor up cuz i've never had folks tell me flat out my dude is hot and i should pinch his ass cheeks on a daily basis.

my own granny (that would be my great grandmother folks) got fresh with jersey...i've never seen that woman shuffle so fast. she was by his side in seconds, kissing him on the cheek, and giving long hugs lol. gotta love it.

it's official. i'm dating the hot guy...and i'm the nerd girl.

this fact is cause to fist pump. i can gaze, growl and cat call to that boy all day 'err day...and STILL make time to clean out the pocket that currently houses my calculator.

beauty and the brain, brain, brain, brain BRAIN!


  1. I'll say that you found someone up to your par... :P jersey knows I have love for him... he he


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