i heart toyota!

today was a rough friday. i mean i knew from the moment i woke (and realized i forgot to turn my alarm on the night before) that the day would be a bust. i mustered up the courage to continue along the dark path only to find myself in a ginormous pool of shit at work.

i took a break and got some coffee (coffee is magic on a mirky day) but alas, too much ish was happening at my crazy freaked out place of employment for the magic to kick in.

all that changed the minute i got to the santa monica toyota dealership to get my passenger mirror fixed. they were nice and the place was clean. they recognized me from the phone, remembered what i was coming in for, sent me to the nice little pleasant waiting room, and went to town on fixing my ish.

wait! i forgot! before they even started the mirror work i asked them about my "you need to change your oil" light staying on. he immediately got in and showed me how to turn it off. SCORE! then i asked how much it would cost to get black dings buffed out of my back bumper. i literally turned around to answer some information about my car, turned back around and the damn skid marks were gone. WHAT!!? i was in good hands...like really nice awesome hands that have been manicured and soaked in angel luv.

it only took them 45 minutes to replace the mirror and it was $80 cheaper than my originally quote. is it ok to weap when people go out of their way to be kind? cuz i really needed it.

the flying tomato has gotten a spa day and is happy. the roads will feel the fierceness once again!


  1. Lets put out the reminder that your friend toyota has been going through some ish and they are trying to keep as many customers as possible. Thats called KISSING ARSE!!!!


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