i bought inspiration

i'm not much on shopping. i'm a wham, bam "i'm in! i'm out! only buy what you absolutely NEED!" kind of gal so when i do buy myself something impractical it's usually because i need extreme, totally inappropriate retail therapy.

this purchase below...totally impractical...totally cherished.

i get these charming daily emails with deals on all kinds of doo dads no one really needs, but buy and hoard anyways. usually i trash them, but i saw this light bulb necklace the other day and i swear my eye twitched a bit.

i've been so down about my ability to form coherent, insightful thoughts...i can't come up with a book strategy to save my life...thus, I BUY IDEA. (beat chest with stone club and eat bug that falls off head from thud.)

some will shake their heads, but it's quirky and SOooo a maneuver my silly little behind would make. i love the reasoning behind the purchase. according to jersey, it's a lot more lady like, too. (my original plan was to get a tat on my wrist that reads dream...that could actually still happen. sorry fella.)

lightbult swarovski crystal necklace... $100
lightbulb swarovski crystal necklace from the web site i use... $48
lightbulb swarovski crystal necklace with $25 discount for recommending a friend... $24
inspiration swinging from my neck like a rapper gone nerd...priceless

a rap haiku:

i be blinging yo
inspiration swings from neck
respect my gangster


  1. You're like a dainty Lil' John. Now all you need is a pimp cup.

    But for realsies, pretty necklace.


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