holy metaphor, batman!


jersey and i go to church now. i've mentioned it a time or two and i've actually had some pretty uplifting conversations with folks concerning spirituality. i've noticed people were hesitant to discuss with me in the past. as soon as they learned i didn't attend a church they assumed i was a heathen punk who would belittle and challenge their beliefs. well i'm most definitely a heathen, but i'm not an asshole so there ya go.

nontheless, i got a go pass once i started participating in the sunday jesus party. some friends who are heathens like me i think were a bit weirded out by this...i think they assumed i was going to start thumping them over the head with my bible, but like before, it's always just been my thing that i do sans social opinion.

the reason i mention this is because i'm still the same person and i don't like to be labeled...don't assume i've turned into an angry fred phelps...mmmkay pumpkin? the catholic church jersey attends is a pretty sweet place to be. it's peaceful and beautiful and 98% of the time the priests are entertaining and inspirational.

not last sunday, though. last sunday i was like a little kid with ants in my pants. i could not focus....the guy was talking some boring ish and so i had to spice things up.

we came to the part of mass where the priest holds up the cracker thing and blesses it. he then will say "this is the body of christ". at that moment i leaned over to jersey and said, "jesus wasn't no cracka!" and his head bowed in shame.

you can put the girl in church, but you can never take away her ability to say something highly inappropriate.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!! Thats a good one!!! I usually keep my inappropriate church thoughts to myself. ;)


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