hang on loosely

fear has become one of those dirty four letter words, but i'm reclaiming it. i'm tucking it under my wing and running with it...heisman trophy style like.

because of legalities (yeah, i've got drama like that) i am not at liberty to mention what exactly caused me to encounter panic attacks earlier this week on the job, but i am at liberty to mention that the man is doing his damnedest to shush my fears, belittle them and make me feel guilty for a perfectly normal reaction i had to a perfectly abnormal situation.

fear or flight...reactions have been our homies for a really long time, yet all i read and hear about fear is its ability to cripple and limit. i agree with the notion that if you use fear as an excuse to prevent positive change then you're doing your spirit an injustice. i do not agree with fear itself being something shameful.

i am scared. i respect this fear because i respect my gut that tells me i need to tread lightly and i REFUSE to back down from that...i'll defend it. i'm a push over and a pansy 90% of the time. i can admit this, yes. when the 10% makes its way out...watch out!

i don't need to be miss hercules with cute little fierce winged shoes 24/7. i'm sorry. i'm hanging on to my fear loosely...just like one should and i shall use that fear to knock a fool out OR (more realistically) take off like a bat out of hell if i feel like it...damn it.


  1. That pic has a lot going on... lol If I'm assuming correctly what the events are... I think you should be afraid be very afraid... LOL


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