glow festival

glow worms came out to play...santa monica ROCKS for its annual glow festival! think outside beach museum with light pieces : )

what a fun night...we met up with two friend couples at the new mall in santa monica (it's ritzy fritzy) and had a glorious time eating, drinking and getting merry.

after dinner at this yummalicious place called pizza antica, we headed down to the beach and the glowing began. this year's light stations weren't nearly as good as the first ones i saw two years ago, but they were still a hoot to experience with friends.

we got a workout in the sand (that was a lot of sand walking, yo!) saw some interesting (and sometimes odd) stuff and then we traded the festival up for some sangria and crepes on the promenade.

...went back to jersey and i's spot for more dranks, some my big fat greek wedding and some omar happy snore time. it was a grip of fun...i can tell because i have a raging hangover, cracked out hair and breath that could sink a thousand ships (sound the fog horn!)

i give the glow festival and all events spawned from its inception, two happy thumbs up.


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