flying fierce

i have some news about my car. there are just certain things you have to learn as you go...things you gather once you take your baby off the lot...this sort of knowledge comes with time and sincere quality bonding. folks, what i've learned is my beloved toyota matrix is in fact gay.

you're questioning the label, aren't you? the flying tomato's papers list the color as fierce red. FIERCE red. i'm sorry, but upon reading that sweet little fact i giggled and patted my dear sweet boy.

he has a crush on the honda fit around the corner. it's nothing serious, but cute. he's young! my fierce boy needs to get out into the world and be fabulous...spread the luv...honk at any and all boy cars that tickle his fancy.  

i asked my babe if he could accept the flying tomato's preferences and he said of course. i knew i dug that man for a reason. i love my boys.

a haiku for the flying tomato:

joy, my car is fierce
acceptance comes easy for me
luv is blind, two snaps


  1. It's really taken you that long to discover that your car was backla?!? I knew that as soon as you told me you bought a Red Toyota Matrix.... I did!!! Your gadar must be off...


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