cultivating the cooter for cash ain't coo...

to thy own self be true...thank you willie shakes.

i took a friend's idea and ran with it. well, i jogged with it. my kiwi sensibilities tend to goof-i-fy things up a tad. in all seriousness though, it's good to know a couple of tidbits about yourself for rainy days. my kidult sensibilities tell me it could come in handy.

the official tish eval:

  • i LOVE me some alliteration (title of blog is a product of said luv) i'm sorry, but there's just nothing better than a literary effect that has little to know room for seriousness.  just the sight of the stuff creates whimsy in my noggin. LOVE.IT. try it! trust me you'll be giggling at your desk in no time.

  • i'm a serious person when i need to be, but i try my hardest to avoid that road. goofy is my middle name. i like my beverages shaken, not stirred.

  • i love posting questions on this community blog ...makes my heart swell up. i love the conversations we have...connecting with the random spiders on the web. sometimes my thoughts and opinions alienate me a bit...believe it or not, my friends do not talk about toots and such as much as me. when i need to release (verbally of course) i know i can always go visit with my community. smiles all around.

  • i pride myself on being anti-girly/prissy, but deep down i'm a low down dirty liar because i adore me some dainty prettiness. there's a dreamer inside of me that rocks the hell out of anything in this collection.

  • i've been staring at the pages of my book for so long i no longer know if i'm ruining the voice that purely poured itself out onto the page, or if i'm improving the stream of conscious riff raff. i guess it all depends on whether or not i'm feeling optimistic or brave that day. (ps those are all the comments i received from my first chapter post. i actually read those words, line by line. i edit, fix, and add. you'll never know how much it meant to me that ya'll took the time to help.)

  • when i first loved, i was cocky and naive. i put a man through terrible tests in order to see if he would stick. now, i'm insecure and experienced. i shy away from friction in order to see if they stick. i hope and pray the next phase is a happy medium.


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