cogent evidence

i knew i was an honest to goodness writer when...

the first thing i wanted to do after realizing i had a giant fever blister was write a haiku.i walked into a barnes and noble and got warm and cozy thinking of my book living on a shelf there some day.i changed my blackberry messenger name to 'the writer' and it didn't feel weird.i write incessantly-- all day, every day and never tire.i dream.i can give any mundane story of my life a kiwi twist.i went through my old journals and found i've been writing since i could spell...first grader with an eager heart goes pitter pat when i hear words like onomatopoeia, tryst, melancholy, and precocious. i devour the likes of books concerning writing: a room of one's own by Virginia Woolf and changing my mind by Zadie Smith.i take great pride in my chipped nail polish--proof is in the pudding...i have some productive fingers.


  1. yes you do!

    great post.... very lovely....

    write on,


    thank you also for reading my work and your support.


  2. thank you annie...means a lot to me.



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