work it, own it!

a couple nights ago a fairy godmother called me up on my crackberry and told me two ghosts would be calling my phone that night...

my gal pal maria works in casting and when she heard about someone needing someone who had some fitness jive to talk about she called upon her lovely mixed sister from another mister, ME!

before i knew what was going on i had a guy coming over to tape me doing some nifty work for oprah's network, OWN. if they use my bits, they'll air in january. me and the guy were totally geeking out over it.

it's these little tiny moments that make me squeal with delight. it's a nugget of luck...that i kindly will take and appreciate.

*My attempt at sounding smart and fitness-y

Getting ready for the close-up
*both pictures taken by my swell, totally supportive in a rad way guy


  1. Congratulations and good luck. That would be great exposure for you. And I know how you loves you some Oprah.

  2. lol i detect your non caring about Oprah tone twinkie.

  3. Who me? Nooooooo... *wink wink*


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