why bank of america is on my shit list

the good ole b of a is on my list. why you ask? basically the bank made a tiny oops and didn't slap my account with this protection thing  when they should have. they said they would refund me back the money they pulled from another account that day, but didn't.  i waited a couple days and then transferred the money (and paid the penalty for the transfer) myself. then the bank decided to wake up and make the transfer...not checking to see if it had been done or not.


needless to say i got on the phone with not one, not two, not even three BUT FOUR knuckleheads to explain my predicament. basically because of their little oopsies, i was supposed to bend over and take the news that i'd be without any cash at all for 5 days while they calmly and casually fixed the issue.

one supervisor later, i have $100 (they allowed me to borrow from my savings account) to last me until they set my account back to right...yes, i just told you how much i have in my bank account. shocking, i know.

i've never been really good at being bitchy. let me rephrase that. i've never been good about causing a bitch ass stink when someone does me or my money wrong. i'm polite and passive aggressive...so i'm writing this post in hopes that lots of young impressionable folks just starting out in the world give that bank the middle finger.

friends, please excuse my lack of play for a bit...somehow i have to find a way for money to grow out of my ass so that i can pay for my upcoming move, food, gas and survival.

ps bank of america was a baby eating cannibal from the asshole tribe in its former life.

pps headshots have to wait i'm afraid. life calls!


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