til death do we drive away

yeah, i was engaged once. ususally when people find out i said "yeah, sure...why not." when i was 18 their faces morph into weird stares filled with judgment: "ohhhh...so you were dumb in the past?"

yeah, i totally was. and then some. as a child i thought all of the united states was inside the state of texas. (it's possible for someone like that to think marriage at 18 was cool.)

luckily, i didn't marry and because it actually, technically wasn't my fault that the marriage never happened (we'll save that story for a rainy day.) i got to keep the good ole ring.

this week marks the week that young dufus proposed oh-so-many years ago. unfortunately, the wanker chose labor day weekend so that specific act of stupidity is etched on my noggin indefinitely. usually i groan and moan in annoyance whenever the memory pops up, but this year is a bit different.

first, i have a wonderful guy who has proven i'm not a lost cause when it comes to picking non-dimented guys. second, i finally figured out that texas doesn't hold all of the u.s. in its borders so my intelligence perked up a bit. third, i totally own and love the fact that i was totally gangsta at how i handled the engagement, the end of the engagement and the final act of that "relationship". i used to be quite mum about the story i'm about to tell, but mum no more!

i was on twitter the other day and came across the woman who helped me with that whole final act bit. basically, i sold the ring. and it felt gooooood. the twitter friend bought that specific ring off of me. basically, in a kiwi shell, i told her i was kind of, not really in the mood to ever wear the darn thing, let alone, look at the darn thing ever again. she worked at a jewlery store so...I SOLD THAT ISH!

POOF! i had gas money (and then some) for my trip out to los angeles! hot dog! one man's treasure is another chick's ticket to dream land apparently.
bling bling = vroom! vroom!


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