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lets get one thing straight. i am a heathen. have been for years so please forgive me for writing this post from the perspective of a spiritual nitwit. my guy digs church and so i go with him sometimes when i feel like a curious cat. I can honestly (and surprisingly) say i dig the place. it's peaceful and people know how to keep their eyes forward and mind their own beeswax. they're not worried about whether or not i'm rockin' to the hymns or clapping to the organ.

i hadn't been for awhile. I tend to write a lot on sundays, but i've been really stressed about someone renting my place and money and this and that so last sunday peace sounded good.

turns out a visiting priest from la's east side was speaking. apparently they've been trying to get the guy to come for awhile. he's this charismatic guy that comes from an area where latino gangs run the streets. he mentioned the barrio and rolled his Rs with perfection so i decided to stop gawking at the architecture and actually listen.

he told a story about a guy named youngster who applied for a program the priest was involved in called homeboy industries. youngster wanted the job, but hesitated when he learned that puppet, a dude from a rival gang, would be working by his side. the job was too tempting to pass up though so youngster decided they could work together...he just vowed he wouldn't talk to the guy. five months went by.

one night puppet was walking through an alley when he ran into a rival gang. ten men immediately went to town beating the crap out of him until he was unconscious. the priest said when he got to the hospital puppet's face was swollen so bad you couldn't recognize him. they had to put him in icu. three days later puppet died. the priest continued stating that before puppet had been taken off life support, youngster had called. he said that what had happened to youngster was messed up and wanted to know if he should give him his blood for a transfusion. "he is my friend, father."

the priest paused, obviously upset. he told the congregation we have to stop thinking they against us... It's just a big us and nothing more. "You can't demonize once you know and understand."

that whole they vs us stuck with me. later i went to my guy's basketball game. a father on his team was playing against his son's team. the team, usually full of piss and vinegar, wasn't fowling as much... less scowling... more helping hands up. more fundamentals, less cheap tricks. all because they knew the other team...

the priest's words suddently took shape. it was cool to witness.

i may be a heathen, but i'm pretty good at recognising beauty when it dribbles down my court.


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