snow white syndrome

whoa...did i really just move in with my dude and totally go snow white on his ass?!?! i think i did...

i can't remember the last time i felt the kind of joy i felt when i started space baggin' ish in the place...getting out the CLR and going to town on the rust spots. i even rearranged the shelves in the refrigerator to provide optimum space and viewing capabilities. lol. have i mentioned i'm a clean freak?

while my guy is most definitely a neat and tidy dear he ain't got nothin' on this chick! i was just researching bamboo fencing and twinkle lights for the patio...yeah, it's like that.

we LOVE space bags!!!
order in a chaotic world...

girly bits poppin' up everywhere. poor fellow
we're getting there...


home depot is our new best friend. bamboo fencing rocks!


  1. Dewwwwd.. I totally hang my necklaces on the wall like that too. The place looks great and so does the happy couple ;-)

  2. it's full now. such a nifty space saver that there hook.

    thanks NT...i'm also on the NITB plan so it's been interesting to say the least.

  3. You're not alone, I completely cleaned and reorganized Micah's place when I moved in. Not that it was bad, I just needed to make it make sense to me and once I did I really felt like it was my place too. Congrats on being a big kid :)


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