pillars of the earth

oh sweet heaven, i love me some pillars of the earth!

i don't know how many people i've recommended that huge ginormous monstrous book to, but i've passed that ish around more than the devil's lettuce is passed around in a bob marley fan club meeting.
so yeah....i dig that book. it captivated me for a spring and had me spending all my free time outside in a park in burbank reading to my little heart's content. i cried when i finished it. i missed those darn characters and longed for another couple hundred pages. (yeah, i said it.)

a couple of weeks ago my gal pal brigid did the sweetest, most generous, awesome thing...she told me that there was a miniseries...angels had made my beloved book into a flick! woo to the hoo!

i seriously thought i'd have to cash in my nerd card and watch the darn thing in secret (jersey's not really into period pieces, i'm afraid.) never assume! he was intrigued and hooked within minutes of its start...we frickin' watched five episodes the first night. we were holding open our eyelids with tongs by the end. it was totally wickedly worth it.

i'm currently waiting for the rest of the series. we've been watching them on netflix instant play...oh YEAH. netflix, give me my sweet hit again. pump that medieval magic right into my veins noble knight of nightly entertainment!


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