on friendship

d is THE most interesting phenomenon in the world. he makes lazy hilarious. i can't get the man to do anything remotely active with me whatsoever. one time i told him to put on his sunglasses since he was squinting. he made his typical don sound "ehhhhh"" and said, "it takes too much work lifting my car console to get them out."

WHAT?! yes, that be my friend. opposites attract i suppose. of course a hyperactive crackhead (me) would befriend such a type.

i imagine that d watched wall-e, left  the theater and exclaimed, "man i need one of those chairs that does everything for me."

i sense d and i have been soul mate friends for centuries and centuries...tortoise and the hare come to mind.

disclaimer: this post brought to you by ms brat tat tat tishy. d refused to try a workout dvd with me. see how i do my friends? dang shame...


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