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the 21st century will manifest the feminine energy in all her glory ~ paulo coehlo

a writer friend, annie, tweeted this lovely quote from paulo recently and i fell in love. feminine energy...how LONG have i been preaching about that darn stuff? it's lovely...essence of girl, that is.

yeah there are some negative connotations associated with the word girl, but that's just whack men's attempt at getting back at all the pretty in pink girls who told them they wouldn't give up their undies at the school dance.

we're glorious and even though i LUV me some guy friends (shout out to fat and d!!!) if i don't have estrogen time my ovaries start to shrink...and testicles start growing...and it hurts.

i love the fact that women can talk about anything and everything...how do you feel today? what are you thinking about? was that girl pretty or not? (cuz you know if you ask a dude if another guy was handsome he'll freak the EFF out, pull out his teste sword of manliness and slay you in the face for insinuating he's checkin' out another dude...my nose still isn't right.)

we make life pretty and swell and for that reason i think it's perfectly wonderful that this century is all about our energy taking over area codes.

i'm sure mr coehlo would twitch if he knew i took his more than perfect quote and simplified it down to "pretty and swellness taking over area codes".

i never said kiwi break downs were intellectual translations of greatness, now did i?


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