katsuYEAH baby!

i love perfect cousin. have i mentioned perfect cousin before? perfect cousin is sheli...who the fam bam refers to as perfect because she kind of is. she's beautiful to boot PLUS she actually has a great personality and sense of humor which is rare for someone who's been beautiful her whole damn life. (she totally debunked my angel theory/pretty girl theory.)

while she only lives an hour from me, we rarely get a chance to hang and do familial bonding activities together so a couple of days ago i whined to her and so we set up a time to meet. that meeting happened last night at this magical restaurant called katsuya. the dude and i were grumbling beforehand cuz we had looked up the menu online and that ish was expensive as hell. (not cool for two folks trying to save money so that we can afford basics like food and shelter) we devised a game plan though of what we could eat and afford and we were off.

game plans never work when you're out with perfect cousin apparently. ms thang's got a new boo named caleb that is dreamy as my aunt says and apparently also is kind with his sushi sharing. he treated all of us (including his really cool and interesting friend tom from japan) to a bunch of dishes that he's had before at the place. we feasted (and i mean FEASTED) on the best food i've tasted this year. we had this really smooth tuna belly stuff that seriously melted in my dumbfounded mouth. i had a kiwi drink that brought a tear to my eye...sushi rolls for days and these beautifully simple but tasty green peppers that had me dancing (literally) in my chair.

they shared stories of their recent trip to japan to see tom and the hours passed by. (CUH-RAZY considering i don't go out on school nights)

it was a great night...totally knocked out an impending cold from my system. happiness and good company can do that i guess.

i love nights like that...there are so many interesting people in the world...i love when people get together...share their worlds (and food luvs!)....that kind of life does a soul good.

this was a third of what we grubbed upon

kiwi drink!!! and it was tasty...kiwi perfection. it don't get no betta


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