haitian revival

i have visited the motherland or at least the land of mother.

my gal pal from back in the day, ms diva dara, (d.d. for short) was kind enough to invite jersey and i to her baby shower last sunday and boy was i happy she did.

her husband, a haitian bunch of perfection that can cook his ass off, THREW IT DOWN. he stuck his foot in it...he threw down! i have never had such yummy grub before...(especially at a baby shower.) i love coed showers. there was good beer, wine and conversation going around our table...perfect ending to a weekend i say.

i had this dark rice and THE best chicken with these little haitian mushrooms. UGH! i die! two buck chuck made it reeeeeal nice.

d.d. even hooked me up with a magazine called kiwi and a book she said is similar to my own writing style. (sweet support) it warmed my heart like you wouldn't believe. overall it was pretty darn a perfect night. jersey and i met some really cool people with great stories and trivia AND i got to spend time with a friend from the old school who happens to be cooking up something beautiful in that belly of hers. it just feels good being a part of something sweet, ya know?

looks like i'm gonna be an auntie again...i shall spoil that diva's doll to death!


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