geek streak

Duke Geek Camp

i coulda been a contenda!

when i was a crumb snatcher i was considered to be a pretty smart apple. i took some test in the first grade that basically said "hey this little dudette is smart. why don't you stop feeding her this booshit you've got going on and make it happen."

thus my teacher, fashioned in her very best apple sweater vest, went to my dear sweet mother and asked if they could send me off to duke for a summer to learn and be brainy.

my mom, the young and geek-phobic mother that she was, wasn't having that. she couldn't see the ga ga future that could have been and told them to keep it steppin. "there's plenty of edumacuation here in texas...the state with one of the lowest scores nationwide when it comes to academics."

and there my brain stopped.

but i'm not bitter.


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