Life is where one goes, tish, to temporarily believe in death, fleetingly forget their power, and briefly have the Dickens scared out of them, voluntarily.

All in the name of adventure.

You're bad,

The Universe

yeah...the dickens have definitely left the house of tish. i have NO clue about anything right now. do i seem like i have it all together cuz i don't. i've decided against new 'headshots' cuz the last group of really expensive mug shots did diddly scoot for my career. i maybe went on one audition...maybe. can't remember it was so long ago. (there's bitterness in my tone right now.)

i shall break the news to my agent later this week and she may drop me from the group, but i care not. maybe it's time to get dropped. maybe you have to be stripped of everything you're holding on to in order to make room for new and improved good stuff.

who knows...at this point everything's just thoughts swirling around in my head. nothing's really morphing into something real or tangible.

acting, writing, moving, vacationing, living....all these ings require oodles of patience. so while i work on patience you get to just watch as i remain in limbo...not really doing much of anything but dreaming. i'm learning that's not always a snazzy thing. can i still rock the dreams of today let's say a month from now? a year...five years from now? do dreams go out of style? will my friends talk about me like i've just stepped outside rocking a mullet with a sock & sandal combo? we shall see.

all this picture did was prove i have a very large forehead/fivehead.

still trying to figure out how THIS will lead to a chair (sitting on a film set) with my name on it


  1. You look beautiful in the 2nd photograph. I can see you performing one day. Let all else align....let the stars align so you can shine as a Star. :)


  2. more of that patience stuff, eh?


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