come and knock on my door

i'm officially a big kid doing big kid things...for the first time (IN MY LIFE) i am sharing my space with another. yes, i had two kid sisters growing up. my mom, the dear sweet genius that she is, figured out early on that i was a heinous bee-otch when it came to people messin' with my ish--she said at two i screamed at my boy cousins and told them not to touch my toys because i didn't want to clean up after them.

thus a queen was allowed to diva grow.

i lived with a guy for one summer while i did an "internship" in college but i got to keep my ish at my place in my college town...he just had to share his stuff. i'm fine with others sharing with me.

now my dear sweet luv of a guy and i are making the big move to big kid-hood. we've decided it would be best if we move in and cut down those lovely la living expenses. this weekend i started the moving process. i packed up all my dvds and dishes i don't use and headed over the hill to the land of beach town to get my domestication on. my first official piece of sharing...this lovely paper towel holder. tear.

we now have his and her aprons for our master chef competitions

and a true entertainment system filled with yummy flicks such as the labrynth and new jack city...we keep it eclectic.

this is CRAZY. it's a little scary to do this kind of thing. it's like the first time i opened my very own checking account...i knew my kiddy days were numbered then...that same feeling is knockin' on my noggin now. best believe i'll hang on to my cereal and cartoon luv with a vengeance! the kidult in me won't go down without a fight!!!
i adore this thing resting on my ku blanket


  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the life of living in sin. It's wonderful. So happy you've become a member.

  2. Dude... You can never sell out on ceral and cartoons... They are alive and well at my house. And not just by the kids... Mom is reping... lol


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