brigid's coffee

anyone named after a mythical place discussed in the lord of the rings has to have cool things in her life.

brigid (who used to be bree until i found out her real name and thus decided i had to keep that coolness active) heard my cyber cries for help concerning a coffee dilemma i had (my coffee was tasting like arse) so she promptly sent over coffee from michigan...specifically, this quaint and beautiful little place called mackinac island where cars are illegal and fudge reigns supreme.

the woman sent me chocolate rasberry coffees in cute little pooches...fudge coffee that had the guy's eyes buggin' heaven.

the next time i see that girl i shall bow and scream "we're not worthy! we're not worthy!"

there's no way my boring little taste buds deserve gourmet perfection like that...afterall, i am the girl that thinks all beer tastes the same.


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