a birthday gift

the gift of giving...such a splendid act...

it warms not only the soul of the receiver, but the giver's heart as well. i have a great friend up in northern cali whose birthday was this past weekend. jersey and i were planning on celebrating with her, but then car issues, moving costs and grown up stuff got in the way so we had to forfeit. it broke my heart to tell my girlie...i could tell she was bummed about about it. talk about hard news to break.

then her darling angelic husband called me last thursday night and said, "she can't celebrate without you. i've booked you a ticket. get on the plane. my wife needs ya." i about melted. so i woke up bright and early on saturday morning, got on a plane, and it was a wrap.

i showed up at the hotel casino rocking cupcakes and met her where she was eating...hamburger in hand, she froze in bewilderment and then the tears started falling. i've never felt so loved before...i got to be my girl's gift. talk about a great surprise from the hubby. man had EVERYONE in on it. good secret bro : )

we spent the weekend celebrating and having a grand ole time. it was the best mini vacay hang with my girl...sometimes i get so caught up in my career and future...what i'm not doing..how that some how relates to my character. then my friends come along bringing beautiful perspective...

birthday night...5 years of friendship

her ladies in waiting...


  1. that is lovely.... to have friends like that and then to have their significant others be cognizant of the relevance and value of such a friendship.

    glad you got to enjoy. thanks for sharing.


  2. that's actually a beautiful description :)


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