when you're strange

i've always had this theory that you can tell a man is falling for a woman when you catch him snapping unexpected candids...a shot of her walking ahead or looking off into the distance...

...sigh. this is how my guy shows his affections.

...yes, i realize i have a fuzzy hairy nose. a rational person would probably refrain from nose hair shots. not very becoming of a lady and all...not really presenting my best face, putting the good foot forward (you get my drift.) but when you're strange modesty, humility...all of that good stuff goes right out the winder.

ps i think i'll keep him


  1. lmao...awwww! at least you didn't have a booger convention going on. great candid shots - those are the best ;-)

  2. That is so sweet! Nose hairs are true love. :)

  3. lol!! atleast you you don't have nose hair coming out.

  4. i love these! i am glad there is someone who can capture when you look most beautiful: being you. :)


  5. ummmm.... And now he is on camera restriction...


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